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My name is Michelle and I am a dental hygienist. I have practiced dental hygiene in a variety of settings for the past 30 years. I have enjoyed meeting people through the years and helping people learn about their oral health. I am extremely excited about the advances in science and technology. These advances allow for improved oral hygiene with each new discovery. My goal is to make this information available to all who can benefit from it. Our mouth is connected to our body and a healthy mouth will lead to overall health.

What we now know….

In my career, I have learned that there are several factors that contribute to our overall oral health. Home care habits and risk factors play a part.  However, we now know there are other factors involved in our oral health that may be just as important to consider.

Among these things is our oral microbiome. In other words, the type of bacteria present in the mouth. Oral probiotics are important for changing the oral microbiome. Another important factor is how our body reacts to inflammation. By controlling inflammation, we can in turn reduce the unwanted result of oral destruction caused by inflammation.

Some of my patients have done everything they can to keep their mouths healthy but to no avail. Oral probiotics, proper home care and adjunctive therapies may help promote health in the mouth of these people when all other efforts have failed. Having seen the results first hand, I am committed to helping others and sharing the latest information in science and technology to promote oral health.

By learning about the latest advances in oral health, you can see how they may be right for you to help with oral issues including bad breath, cavities, infections or gum disease.

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