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Is Crest Whitening Emulsions Worth It? Weighing Your Options

Is Crest Whitening Emulsions worth it?

Crest has unveiled their lastest innovative product. You can add another great product to the long list of effective whitening options this company offers. Not since Crest Whitestrips has there been such an addition. However, this latest offering of a whitening product from Crest is a more expensive option. Is Crest Whitening Emulsions worth it? I will explain everything you need to know so you can decide for yourself.

Is Crest Whitening Emulsions worth it?Crest Whitening Emulsions has introduced its first-ever leave-on treatment that can be applied in seconds to deliver 100% whiter teeth. This unique formulation comes in two options for application.

It is offered in a 25 gram tube with a wand applicator for $60 or a 10 gram tube with a built-in applicator for $50 for on the go application. This product offers 5 times the amount of hydrogen peroxide than similar products and can be easily swiped on your teeth throughout the course of the day. It apples easily and absorbs quickly without causing sensitivity like other whitening products can.

Crest has been working on this product for 20 years and it is finally here! Now you have a great option for fast, easy and effective whitening on the go!

What’s The Secret?

Crest Whitening Emulsions starts to work the instant it is swiped on your teeth. It contains a hydrating base that is water-resistant which protects teeth from sensitivity. The formulation contains hydrogen peroxide droplets with 5 times the amount of hydrogen peroxide of other whitening paint-on gels or pens.


  • It is another great product from Crest which gave us the first Whitestrip product accepted by the ADA.
  • Just swipe and go- It is fast and easy to use.
  • Rinse free formula.
  • Convenient to carry with you in a pocket of purse.
  • Feel confident with a product that starts working the instant you apply it.
  • Virtually no sensitivity compared to other teeth whitening products.
  • Prevent stains before they have a chance to set in.
  • Free shipping in the United States and 100% money back guarantee.


  • This product costs more than other effective Crest whitening options available.
  • Crest Whitening Emulsions is too new of a product to have been studied for long term results.
  • Because it is new to the market, it does not have as many studies and as much research as other whitening Crest options available.
  • Does not yet carry the ADA seal of Acceptance due to its novelty.

Why Look for the ADA Seal of Acceptance?

Crest is a Proctor and Gambler (P&G) company with a long history of providing proven and effective oral hygiene products. Presently, Crest is the only company to have products used for whitening teeth with the ADA seal of acceptance. Why is it important to use a product with the ADA (American Dental Association) seal of acceptance. This is a big deal because in order to carry this seal, a product must meet high standards for safety and effectiveness.

You can feel assured choosing an oral hygiene product with the ADA seal of acceptance. This means the guess work has been taken out of using a product because you know it has already been studied and proven to work.

Currently the whitening products from Crest with the ADA seal of acceptance include: Crest 3D White Whitestrips (Glamorous White, Vivid White, Brilliance White), Crest 3D Whitestrips Gentle (Sensitive White, Vivid White Gentle, Sensitive) and Crest 3D Whitestrips Classic Vivid.

Check With Your Dentist

Don’t forget to have regular check ups with your dentist. It is important to have regular cleanings with your dental hygienist and regular exams with your dentist to rule out any dental problems or concerns.

Your dental professional is the best person to consult with about teeth whitening options. You may choose from the new Crest Whitening Emulsions product, Crest Whitestrips or an in office bleach tray system. No matter which type of whitening procedure you plan to use, your dentist can help you decide which option is right for you.

There is a lot of information on the internet in regards to teeth whitening and your dental professional is best able to answer any questions you may have and make sure you are a good candidate for whitening. The good news is that dental professionals highly recommend Crest Whitening products to their patients every day.

These products can be purchased over the counter, online or through your dental professional. You can choose from other products that dental professionals recommend for whitening.

An Option for Sensitive Teeth

For those of you with sensitive teeth, your whitening options are limited. Crest Whitening Emulsions is ideal for sensitive teeth due to its hydrating base that counteracts sensitivity. Sensitive teeth require extra TLC. It is a good idea to use products specifically designed for sensitive teeth to deal with this issue.

People with sensitive teeth need to take special considerations into effect when caring for their teeth. There are products including rinses and toothpastes recommended by dental professionals to help treat sensitive teeth. These products have special ingredients that are desensitizing to help those with this very common concern.

An ideal desensitizing product for sensitive teeth is one that can be used at home and that is fast acting. Another quality to look for in an effective desensitizing product is one that will provide long-term effects. There are a number of ways a desensitizing product can be used ranging from a gel, mouthwash or toothpaste.Is Crest Whitening Emulsions Worth It?

The most common and easiest to use is in the form of a toothpaste. Simply switching out your regular toothpaste for one that contains a desensitizing agent is recommended. Common ingredients that do this are stannous fluoride and potassium nitrate.

What We Know Works

Since Crest Whitening Emulsions is such a new product, there have not been many verified results. If you want to use a product that has been verified, tested and proven to be safe and effective, look for the ADA seal of acceptance. You will find this on Crest 3D Luxe Glamorous White Whitestrips.

If you are looking for a whitening product that is recommended by dental professionals, this is it. Crest Whitestrips have been around for a long time and their lastest version, Crest 3D Luxe Glamorous White is a tried and trusted product you can feel confident using. Please refer to an additional article to learn more about whitening products recommended by dental professionals.

Is Crest Whitening Emulsions Worth It?

According to the Crest website, this innovative product is explained as “Our first ever leave on teeth whitening treatment, Crest Whitening Emulsions, includes active peroxide droplets suspended in a hydrating base that starts whitening teeth instantly.”

Simply squeeze the desired amount of bleaching product onto the application wand. Then, swipe across the areas that you wish to lighten. No need to rinse or brush. Just leave the product in place on your tooth surface and go!

The application is quick, easy and convenient and can be reapplied up to 4 times a day. Crest provides free shipping and a 60 day money back guarantee. So what do have to lose? If you are interested in an effective product with a longer known history for safety and effectiveness, you may wish to stick with Crest 3D Luxe Glamorous White Whitestrips. Please leave any questions or comments below and I would be happy to help.

Medical Disclaimer:
The information that I provide on my website is not intended to take the place of medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Care and investigation should always be sought from an appropriate health care provider before using any new or recommended products. I have created this site as a way to share information and experiences.


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    Hello there! Thank you very much for sharing this wonderful piece of information. I’ve gone through it and it’s a really detailed one. I find it very helpful because it contains valuable information everyone should hold on to. I’m going to share this article with friends so they too can be aware of this. From what I can see here, the Crest whitening is really nice and the application is easy and quick. I’ll go for this, thank you.

    1. Michelle Mussehl, RDH


      Crest offers many different Whitestrips to choose from. They are all safe and effective when used as directed. Crest Whitening Emulsions now offers another way to whiten with this innovative product. This is a new product so there are not many reviews on it besides satisfied customers. If you want to try a Crest product with years of many positive reviews, try Crest 3D Luxe Glamorous White Whitestrips.


  2. ReeceMichael

    Hello Michelle, 

    Thanks for the educational and informative article as I have learned some basic things about teeth whitening. I have had a chance to see a good product you have shared with us all. I have learned about Crest Whitening Emulsions from a friend and I really was curious to know more about it. I am happy to see the benefits and look forward to seeing its long term consistency seeing they are new to it.

    1. Michelle Mussehl, RDH


      Absolutely! I agree with you. Crest Whitestrips have been around for a very long time and I feel confident that Crest Whitening Emulsions is here to stay. This new product is the result of over 20 years of research. As a dental hygienist, I recommend Crest Whitestrips to my patients. It is great to have a new product from this reputable company. Thanks for sharing.


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    Hello there,  I must say I am just learning about this product for the very first time. It sounds really good and I would like to give it a trial. I have tried several types of products but none of them were really productive…but I would definitely give this one a try.

    1. Michelle Mussehl, RDH


      You can feel comfortable and confident in trying this product. Crest offers a 100% 60 day money back guarantee on their products. There are many products on the market that are not effective. Feel good about your purchase of Crest Whitening Emulsions and know that your purchase is guaranteed!


  4. armanrafsan2

    Many thanks to you for sharing with us a wonderful informative article. The key content of the article is that Crest’s innovative products play an important role in whitening. Its ingredients make 100% of the teeth white which carries its true value. Although a little is more expensive, I would say it is a very good quality product for dental health. Finally, I have read and enjoyed your article so I would like to share the subject of the article in my social media group if you agree with me.

    1. Michelle Mussehl, RDH


      Your comments are welcomed. Please do share with anyone who is interested in a whiter, brighter smile. Crest has a long history of safe and effective products. This is why dental professionals recommend their products to their patients. Crest Whitening Emulsions is a great alternative for those wanting an instant, whiter smile on the go!


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