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Mouth Guards for Teeth Grinding- What You Need to Know


Teeth grinding is a common problem that not only affects the mouth but your entire body. The medical term for teeth grinding is bruxism. Bruxism, or teeth grinding affects 10 to 15 percent of adults, according to the American Dental Association.

The most common way to prevent damage from teeth grinding is by wearing a mouth guard. There are many types of mouth guards to choose from. This article will discuss your best option of mouth guards for teeth grinding and how you can save money on the most effective quality product.

When teeth grinding occurs frequently, it can cause harm to your teeth, dental health and overall health. The damage caused to your teeth is irreversible and measures to prevent it should not be taken lightly.  Learn more about bruxism from Wikipedia.

I would like to help you address this serious concern so please read on…

What Causes Teeth Grinding?

Teeth grinding or bruxism is a condition in which you clench, gnash or grind your teeth together. Most people who have bruxism will unconsciously clench or grind their teeth during sleep. Some people will unconsciously do this while awake throughout the day. Stress is considered a major contributing factor in teeth grinding.

Other emotional triggers can be tension, anger, fear or anxiety. It can also simply be caused by periods of deep concentration. It is a common misconception that teeth grinding is a problem that only affects the mouth. The symptoms of the condition has an impact on your entire body.

Most people who suffer from this condition will spend time and money on other treatments and medications because they are not aware that their teeth grinding is causing the problem. Clenching and grinding your teeth is capable of causing headaches, jaw aches, facial muscle pain, neck pain, spasms and insomnia.

Doctors are not completely sure what causes bruxism but feel it may be caused by a combination of genetic, physical and psychological factors. You may not be able to remove the cause of your teeth clenching and grinding but you can take measures to protect your teeth and alleviate the symptoms caused by it.

Tooth Damage is Irreversible

The main signs of teeth grinding are teeth that are fractured, chipped or worn. Excessive grinding can cause teeth to become loose or mobile. Once the enamel has chipped or worn away, there is no way to get that enamel back. When it’s gone, it’s gone!

These teeth will require restorations such as fillings or crowns. Extensive restorations like bridges or implants will be required to replace loose or mobile teeth that have to be extracted.

Other signs of bruxism include waking up with jaw pain or headaches. Sleep is usually interrupted during grinding leading to poor quality of sleep. While there may be no cure for teeth grinding, many people will find that wearing a mouthguard will give them needed relief and prevent irreversible tooth damage.

Custom Fit Mouth Guards are the Best Option

A mouth guard is a device you wear over the biting surface of your teeth.

They can be made for your top or bottom teeth but most people prefer ones worn on the top teeth as these are the most comfortable to wear.Mouth guards for teeth grinding

These appliances keep your top and bottom teeth from touching. This in turn will relieve the stress and tension on your jaw normally caused by clenching and grinding. You will be providing a protective barrier of your teeth from the massive forces of the jaw. In your body, the strongest muscle based on its weight is the masseter muscle.

This is one of the muscles of the jaw. With all the muscles of the jaw working together, a force is created as great as 55 pounds on your front teeth and 200 pounds on your molars. This is definitely a significant force, especially when you take into consideration that these forces occur on a regular basis.

There are several types of mouth guards. Purchasing an over the counter mouth guard for teeth grinding can be very challenging due to the overwhelming amount of choices.

Non-custom or universal fitting mouth guards are the least expensive and can be purchased anywhere between $10 to $25. These mouth guards are not recommended as they do not stay in place and are more of a one-size fits all model. Often, these devices are made of plastic that wears through easily.

Another option is a boil and bite type of mouth guard. These devices allow a tighter fitting appliance to be molded to your bite. These mouth guards will cost $20 to $30 but are still not a good choice due to the thin and easily worn through material they are made from.

Boil and bite mouth guards allow you to boil the product to heat it up and require you to bite into them while they are still warm. This will “register” your bite. These appliances are often uncomfortable to wear long term and ill-fitting.

Your dentist will recommend that you have a custom formed hard acrylic mouth guard fitted for you. This is by far the best option of all. It will give you a comfortable and very durable product that will provide maximum protection for your teeth.

Custom mouth guards can be made by your dentist by taking an impression of your teeth and sending it to a dental lab for a precise fit. These mouth guards can cost anywhere from $400 to $600 and are not covered by most dental insurance.

If you do not have a dentist, you can purchase a custom mouth guard directly from a dental lab. A custom mouth guard is made from an impression of your teeth providing the most accurate and comfortable fit. These products stay in place and are made from hard acrylic that will withstand wear from even the most aggressive grinder.

Custom Mouth Guards Are Now Affordable

Amazon has taken the high cost of a custom mouth guard out of the equation. A custom mouth guard can be made from the same type of dental lab your dentist uses. Pro Teeth Guards has provided a convenient and affordable option.

Purchasers simply order a home impression kit to be used in the privacy of their own home. A putty type material is provided in the kit. The impression is mailed back using the prepaid return envelope provided.

Based on the impression, the company’s dental lab (same type of lab all dentists use) will provide you with a customized mouth guard in the mail shortly thereafter. These mouth guards would be an option for those people who do not have a dentist or who cannot afford a mouth guard from their dentist.

Pro Teeth Mouth Guards are made from BPA free laminate and hard acrylic and a prescription is not required. This product is backed by 110% money back guarantee. This guarantee allows the purchaser to return the item if not completely satisfied for a full refund with free shipping.  The company will do anything it needs to in order for you to be completely satisfied with your mouth guard.


I encourage you to invest in the best mouth guard for teeth grinding. While mouth guards for teeth grinding can be purchased over the counter, it is best to get a custom fit. 

This will allow for a more durable and comfortable appliance that will be most effective in alleviating the symptoms of bruxism.The Pro Teeth Mouth Guard is a quality alternative to prescription dental mouth guards and will provide you with professional quality that is custom-made. I recommend you talk to your dentist to see what is right for you. Your dentist may suggest a mouth guard purchased directly from a lab if saving money is a concern for you.

You can go to Pro Teeth Mouth Guards on Amazon to order your custom-made mouth guard for teeth grinding directly from the lab and manufacturer if it is right for you. They have a five star customer service to provide perfect fit and comfort guaranteed.

I encourage your feedback and look forward to you sharing your positive experiences! Please leave your comments below.



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  1. Darci

    What a great and informative article! 

    I love this, because I have been a teeth grinder for as long as I can remember! And you’re right. The effects are far greater than just tooth and jaw pain. 

    I have a custom made mouth guard, and if i don’t wear it at night, I will have a splitting headache the next day. Along with jaw pain and tension in my neck. I know it is all related.

    I completely agree that a custom made mouth guard is the best option. Mine fits my bite exactly, and it is very effective. 

    Thanks for the great read!


    1. Michelle


      I believe there are far more people affected by teeth grinding who aren’t actually aware of this condition.  Many times people do not realize they have an issue until they experience the positive results of wearing a mouth guard.  Thank you for sharing your experience.


  2. ajibola40

    I find this article so full of informative and educative things I need to know about Mouth Guards for Teeth Grinding.  I have heard about teeth grinding but I use to wave it aside because I didn’t know what it is about or entailed.  Reading this article really gives me the clear view about it. But I would like to ask a question. if I may ask, are there different types and sizes of mouth guards for different types of mouth sizes?

    1. Michelle

      Yes, every mouth guard for teeth grinding will be a different size.  The size will depend on the size of your mouth.  When you order, you are sent a putty like material to take an impression of your exact mouth size.  You will send this impression back to J & S Dental Lab Dental Mouth Guards in a postage paid envelope.  They will then use this impression to make a form fitted custom made mouth guard.  Thanks for your question.

  3. Wealthfather

    Great Content and Information!

    What a concise and thorough article. I found the post very detailed and Informative. So so many useful tips and tricks all on one page! Wonderful! I bookmarked to look further..

    This is exactly what I need to know to protect my teeth on a daily basis from grinding and decay.  I think it’s high time I invest in a mouth guard for teeth grinding. This is an eye opener for me.

    1. Michelle


      I am so glad you are considering protecting your teeth from the detrimental damage caused by teeth grinding.  Thank you for commenting on Mouth Guards for Teeth Grinding- Your Best Option.  I would also encourage you to read a related article on ways to keep your teeth clean to prevent decay: Is A Waterpik Better Than Flossing?- Which Is Better

      Thanks for your comment,


  4. SaBreena

    Confession: I grind my teeth when I sleep! I was told long ago by a dental hygienist that I should look into the boil and bite mouth guard for nights because that could possibly help me have a better rest. Thank you for pointing out that this type still has flaws. This whole article was very insightful. Thank you so much for sharing!

    1. Michelle


      I appreciate you commenting on Mouth Guards for Teeth Grinding-Your Best Option.  It is important to protect your teeth from the damage caused by teeth grinding.  Many times, the damage occurs so slowly over time that people don’t realize it is happening.  I see changes first hand in the mouths of my patients in as little as 6 months from one check up to the next.  I can also see the wear and damage come to a halt after they start using a mouth guard to prevent their grinding.  I would encourage you to protect your teeth!


  5. Adamu2

    Thanks for writing out this lovely article and I must say its a must for everyone to read and digest.  Your article made me realize teeth grinding is a problem that not only affects the mouth but other parts of the body.  It will be nice to apply this custom mouth guard and also advise friends to go for it.  Can a child between 9-12 years of age engage in the custom mouth guard?  Your article is so resourceful and informative.  Best regards.

    1. Michelle

      It is not recommended for children to use custom fit mouth guards.  The reason for this is because they are undergoing constant change as they transition from their primary (baby) teeth to their permanent (adult) teeth.  Custom fit mouth guards take an impression of the mouth as it is at that point in time and does not give a good fit as their teeth are still developing.  

  6. Rasa

    I absolutely need that barrier for my teeth. I’ve had this for years. However, I had no idea that first, it’s actually a condition that has a given name to it. And second that there is a precaution you can get to protect you from any teeth damage. Not a fan of irreversible teeth damage.

    In that sense, the article was marvelously insightful for me. Thank you for the research you’ve done in this matter and for all the viable options you listed for embracing that teeth protection. I will try to make the best of it.

    Have a Wonderful Day!


    1. Michelle


      Please make the effort to invest in yourself and your teeth.  If you are proactive about this condition, you can head off unnecessary damage that may occur.  

      Best wishes,


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